Tomiwa’s Programming Success Story

Tomiwa's issued certificate

Tomiwa’s Programming success story

Tomiwa is one of our JSS3 coding camp participants. During the camp, they were taught Python programming with SQL, SQLite, Postgresql, and Tkinter for the GUI.

He used the skills to develop a Browser he named it Tommy Browser.

He also developed other software like an offline Dictionary that can search words on google if the word is not found in the dictionary, he developed a password bank-generator software, the software can be used to store user passwords and it can also be used to generate passwords.

The software solved the problem of cramming passwords and also developed unit converter software, he developed Quiz software, and a lot more.

Nigerians are talented they just need the tools to carry out their creativities. Tomiwa’s programming success story is an example

Tomiwa's programming presentation
Tomiwa's issued programming certificate
Tomiwa's programming presentation

Coding is a tool that can be used to solve major problems in our country.

At OIC HUB we are committed to training Nigerian youths on how to code and solve our community problems.


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