Meet Oyindamola

Meet Tomiwa

Meet Oyindamola.

Oyindamola is a shy boy, hard-working, and a creative thinker. He was one of our Jss3 coding camp students.

During the camp, he solved many problems with the coding skills he acquired in class. He developed an E-Health software that can tell the user the type of sickness the user has and the drug prescription that can cure the sickness, the user just needs to provide the sickness symptoms. He also developed an Audio player, dictionary, Racing(Aja n sare)virtual betting game, Quantity units converter, and a lot more.

Oyindamola is one of the kids we are raising at OICHUB to become a world problem solver through creative coding skills.

You can also enroll your kid and watch him/her become a world-class programmer in our hub.

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