About OIC Hub

OIC Hub is an IT Consulting company and computer training institute based in Osogbo, Osun State, Nigeria. We are a team of dynamic software developers, designers, project managers who are invariably quality focused and passionate about providing bespoke solutions to businesses and community at large with the use of high prolific and new age technologies tools for ideation and implementation of solutions. Our area of concentration includes; web design and development, mobile application development, Artificial Intelligence, desktop application development and digital skills training, we are offering programming and non programming ICT courses

Following are the available courses;

  • Frontend Web Development
  • Backend Web Development
  • Full-stack Web Development
  • Desktop Application Development
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Data Science
  • UI/UX
  • Data Analysis
  • Computer Essential
  • Scratch and MIT App Investor(age 7 to 18)

Why Digital Skills?

Traditional skills would soon go into extinction because there is always an uprise statistic of technology or technology based embracement into work of life. The world is moving fast, trends are unpredictably changing and no one can stop that.

We are trying to bridge the gap between our human capacity and technology demands. We are helping in pursuing SDG goal 9 – Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure. This can only happen in a digital technology oriented environment; hence we need to equip people with technology skill to cover up the space and pace we have left behind in joining the advancing nation on board.


Tech Events

Our organisation has various ways to make impact in the community through workshop and tech club events

Below are the current events running in our office;

Teachers' training and conference

Teachers' training and conference This is a program for teachers. It's objective is do equip teachers and help them to meet the innovation and technology demand in teaching. It is an intensive session that trains and enlightens teachers and educationists on skills that enhance their duty in sophisticated manner. This program is done in partnership or at the invite of education institutes (schools, training centers, organisations, etc) Our courses in this program are, Microsoft office suite, MIT Investion, Scratch programming,Google Geo-Education, Python

Digital Skill Master Class for the youths

This is our master class program which holds in cohort. It is a practical session of training in skills in software engineering and creative creation. It is divided into two sessions Our courses for this program include; Front end website development, Back-end website development. Full stack website development, Mobile app development, Video animation, Python for AI, data science and software programming, Graphics design.

Student tech club and summer of code

Our innovation includes grooming young students in the tech way, hence student tech club. This club is present in primary and secondary schools and it's main purpose is to build a network of disruptive minds that are set to create changes along the technology revolution. This club offers fundamental and advance ICT skills to its member. Session follows the school calendar in extra curricular activities and span into holiday period. Our courses are but not limited to Scratch programming Basic html

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